DIY Ring Box, Its Failed Attempts & Planters

Finally completed the ring box!!

Used a rubber stamp I made eons ago – Find Happiness Within – quite apt eh.

#prisdiy #huatispriswaitingfor

Opening the ring box

The air dry clay ring plate stamped with a simple "&".

Spotted a little empty space at the bottom right corner..

Filled it up with more moss 🍃

I don't have our wedding bands with me so let's try with my engagement ring

A closeup.

@ivyyt did a DIY ring plate too – @ivyyt:130616 #dayrebrides do can check hers out! 🙆

And @chasingwaterfalls used the same #daiso box for her DIY too! 🙆 @chasingwaterfalls:260217

P.S: Hope you girls don't mind me linking your posts here! 😁


The Failed Ones

Fail #1: The stamped words are too unclear

Fail #2: No idea why I painted this 😏😏😏

Fail #3: I thought I quite like this. But Huat doesn't like the word Yay, probably it sounds too frivolous for a serious wedding ceremony 😎

And the 'yay' is too rough looking heh

Behind the scenes

Rolled, flattened and cut…

by this 😂


Air Dry Clay Planters

Can't remember if I shared this before but I'm quite proud of my house planter 😆 Looks raw and rough but i lurve it 😘 lolol

#throwback to the days when I was on a tiny break before my new job started!

hello, the imposter versions of 🌵🌵🌵🌵

Anyway! Following my decor post on @heyhappypuff:080417, I'll be doing a proper selling post for my wedding decor (and maybe some of my DIY materials if any #dayrebrides are interested!) tomorrow! 🤗

#budgetbride #diybrides


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